weframe One – Complete Meeting Collaboration Solution

Whether its a presentation, multi-media work session, brainstorming, webcasting, or an interactive group work session with participants in multiple locations, weframe One may be the only device you’ll ever need.

Forget flipcharts, post-it notes, a projector, video conferencing camera, flat screen TV, screen sharing devices and white boards. The weFrame One replaces all of these collaboration tools with one stand-alone, portable, cloud-connected 85″ 4K display with amazing multi-touch-enabled software that allows groups to remotely collaborate and save session contents for later reference.

Immersive – The 85″ 4K multi-touch display provides a massive canvas on which notes can be taken and organized and images and video can be viewed. Multiple sheets can be opened simultaneously to allow content organization and select notes stored and out-of-the-way when not needed.

Beyond Note Taking – weframe One’s onboard software allows session leaders to take notes on-screen and solicit notes from session participants near and far. Notes can be moved, re-sized and color-coded on-screen and organized on-the-fly into pre-designed templates or blank pages. Snapshots can be taken at any time during the session and stored for later retrieval via secure DropBox folder.

Screen Sharing – participants log into a weframe session via web browser on their own devices and can share their text, photos, screen grabs, videos to the main screen with a swipe. No special software or apps required. If you have an internet connection your team can use weframe One. Participants can also share entire screens with weframe One via Apple Airplay, Miracast or via HDMI input.

Connected – Built-in camera and microphone, and the encrypted weframe session URL allow remote participants to view all screen content as well as see and hear live action in the meeting room.