About FRG

Welcome to FRG, an ever-evolving technology company established in 1984 in Carpentersville, Illinois by our friend and mentor Joeseph Dowdell Sr.  For over 30 years, FRG has looked toward the future, always ready with technology to meet our customers’ needs today and tomorrow.  Go, get moving, move out, take action has been our mantra.  Never Stop, always moving…Go!

Our Mission

To help our clients prepare for the Future, with technologies Ready today, ready to Go now!

Our Vision

To leverage technology in support of our clients’ missions, by integrating products and services that optimize productivity and return on investment. We will create and support highly effective collaborative environments by combining imagination, talent and experience. From a single component to custom enterprise technology deployments, we will deliver what we promise with the right solution for any budget.

Our Corporate Values

We Believe: Our success relates directly to the success and growth of the organizations and people we serve. At FRG we build relationships with our customers, suppliers and employees on a foundation of honesty, respect and loyalty.

We Believe: Exceeding customer expectations is our standard. At FRG we understand the only way to achieve this goal is to understand our customer’s expectations. We listen.

We Believe: Our customers deserve the opportunity to benefit from leading edge technology. At FRG we recognize that our role is to provide creative, innovative and cost effective solutions. We are committed to understanding the leading edge of technology so our customers can rely on us for industry leading solutions.

We Believe: Technology requires support. At FRG we are committed to providing the best continuing technical support and training in the industry to ensure technical problems are taken care of quickly and efficiently.

We Believe: Our employees are the foundation of our business. At FRG we provide a fun, collaborative, creative and mutually respectful environment in which to work.

We Believe: Meeting room technology can be intimidating. At FRG we are dedicated to making AV technology easy to understand and easy to use.

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