Fox River Graphics, LLC Announces Transfer and Sale of Chicago Area Audio Visual Business to S&P Integrated Solutions

Fox River Graphics, LLC (FRG) today announced the transfer and sale of its Chicago area audio visual business to S&P Integrated Solutions. S&P Integrated Solutions (SPIS) is a commercial, professional audio visual, security access and camera business operating in the Chicago area. SPIS is co-owned by Jose Perez, long-time co-worker and contractor of FRG, and Brett Stangeland. This transaction does not include business related to FRG’s federal GSA schedules, its trade names nor its offices located in Minnesota.

“I first met Jose back in 2008, prior to acquiring Fox River Graphics,” noted FRG President, Ryan Heining. “Jose quickly became our go-to, high-end install technician working with multiple Fortune 100 clients around the country. It was on an overseas project this spring that Jose and I began to discuss SPIS, FRG and our future prospects.”

Listening to Perez’ stories as a young “looper” (that’s a golf caddie), working hard six days a week with his brother to pay for their education, Heining became convinced that this was more than just the sale of a business: “Jose and his partner Brett reminded me of my early days as an entrepreneur and I knew that they were going to hit it out of the park. I have a high level of confidence that our Chicago area clients will continue to benefit from class-leading service and support. They believe in taking care of the customer, first, last and always.”

FRG has counted on Perez for years in some of its most challenging projects. Perez’ and Stangeland’s have built a solid reputation as owners, installers, technicians and consultants on security solutions and collaboration systems. Heining looks forward to introducing SPIS to its customers and has every confidence they will experience a level of service that meets or exceeds what FRG has delivered in the past. Ron Cannon and Geoff Heimer, FRG technology specialists and long-time co-workers with Perez, will join the SPIS team moving forward.

Heining reached out to extend personal messages to clients about the transfer: “You have made this partnership one based on trust and commitment. Thank you for your continued business and your support of this veteran-owned small business. Please let us know if you have any questions.”

FRG is a CVE-approved, veteran-owned small business. Read more about our government contracts HERE.