Design & Integration

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” – Steve Jobs

Our workplace is changing as well as the technologies required to support new environments and user demands.  As such, the promise of delivering a cohesive user experience depends on careful consideration of technologies working together – seamlessly.  At FRG, we make this happen.

FRG offers full design and integration services bringing various manufacturers and technologies together to deliver the ideal collaborative workspace recommendations.  When you engage FRG, we engage with you to understand your use cases, challenges and expectations for your return on investment.

As part of our process, FRG will provide a detailed Statement of Work and plan outlining responsibilities and milestones associated with the implementation of your design.  No surprises, just results.

Project Management & Installation

The key to any successful implementation, simple or complex, is effective planning and communication. For this reason, FRG offers project management services to fit the needs of your organization. Each FRG Project Manager has extensive experience in the installation and integration of audiovisual technologies. From simple equipment delivery tracking to major construction projects, our Project Managers coordinate all internal and external resources to ensure the timely and successful completion of your new meeting space.

Our highly trained ICIA-certified installation technicians offer an effective and efficient approach to ensure each install adheres to industry standards and delivers exceptional results for our clients. Our technicians provide solutions and support on new system installations and alterations that will help you to optimize the performance of your existing system. And it gets better, FRG warranties our workmanship for 90 days ensuring that we deliver on our promise.

technician-racks-600Maintenance Plans

Protecting Your Investments – The Way You Need

What would happen if you couldn’t deliver that important presentation or hear the people on the other side? How would this impact your business? FRG has you covered.

Regardless of your need or budget, FRG offers service plans to address the ongoing health of your technology investments. From remote technical assistance, next day equipment replacement to onsite troubleshooting and resolution, we deliver solutions to your protect your investments – and that important meeting. Should you have unique requirements for your meeting space, no worries, FRG can customize a plan that meets your specific goals for support. Our certified team of specialists are ready to assist and protect you.

Unhappy with your current service provider? We have a solution to address that too.

Why FRG for Maintenance Services?

  • Service plans to meet your need and budget
  • Knowledgeable and certified technical staff
  • On-site troubleshooting and repair/replacement
  • Equipment replacement costs covered by FRG
  • Proactive maintenance services – addressing issues before they occur
  • Renewal management services

Do You Have a System Needing Attention? We Can Help.

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