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Workplaces are undergoing massive transformations. How, where and when we work is changing.

The way in which our work gets done is often reliant on collaboration between one or more individuals, many times in different locations. The need for organizations to provide their employees with the right tools to communicate, internally and externally, is critical.

As the result of this transformation, the demand to extend collaboration capabilities to other meeting spaces, offices and desktops is on the rise. The proliferation of tablets and smartphones add to the mix. In addition, as companies adopt open work spaces and teleworking, environmental factors must be considered. At FRG, we are passionate about helping you create a solution that will allow your employees the ability to collaborate as if they were in the same room

Video Conferencing – Telepresence

Organizations must overcome the barriers of distance, time and cost to remain agile. Once a “nice to have” technology, video conferencing or telepresence is now considered mission critical to a company’s competitive advantage. Beyond saving on travel costs, video conferencing allows you to connect more often with the people that impact your business the most. FRG will help your company drive operational efficiencies, increase productivity and compete more effectively by delivering solutions that will allow you to overcome time and distance.

FRG partners with leading manufacturers of video conferencing technology allowing you to benefit from the solution that is right for you, your organization and budget.

Presentation Solutions

First impressions still matter.  Whether you are delivering a presentation to a client, collaborating with your team or sharing content in a video conference, you want it to be easy.  The days of cables, table clutter and transition delays between presenters can be over.

Imagine a meeting where with a single click, the content of your laptop, tablet or smartphone can be displayed on a high definition display – locally or in a video conference.  Multiple people in the room can share their desktop during the meeting at the same time, offering a more collaborative experience.  Everyone is engaged in meeting and not a cable in sight.

At FRG, we provide solutions to make presenting to your audience easy.  Whether you need to project to a large audience or classroom or present to a new client, we will help you by delivering the presentation technologies aimed to impress.

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Conference Rooms


People still go places to collaborate. The traditional conference room remain a key meeting hub blending the physical space with the right technologies to enable and encourage collaboration both inside the room as well as virtually.  Video conferencing or “Telepresence” systems must deliver high quality, predictable and secure connections in order to deliver the experience your company expects.

Huddle Rooms


Small meeting rooms or “huddle rooms” play an important role in the workplace of the future.  The need for the enterprise to create spaces where people can meet on the fly, in person or via audio and video, is growing.  Aside from a speakerphone and laptop, employees demand solutions that can deliver greater performance when collaborating with co-workers and clients.  Consideration of the technology, its placement, and meeting environment is of the utmost importance.



It’s no secret that teleworking is a growing trend among employers. Our workplace is changing.  Individuals seek better work/life balance, while employers want greater productivity. Enabling on-the-fly collaboration allows your employees to connect with colleagues and customers where ever they may be. FRG solutions empowers your employees by turning their smartphone or tablet into the perfect conference room.

Our Solutions Portfolio

  • Standards-based HD Video and Audio Conferencing Systems

  • Video and Audio Bridging Solutions (Cloud and Premise-based)

  • Content Sharing Options

  • Displays Solutions (High Definition and 4K)

  • Camera and Microphone Technologies

  • AV and Room Control

  • Room Treatments (Sound Masking & Wall Treatments)

  • On-site Maintenance Services

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