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Assessing Your Organization's Cyber Security Risk with S2ORG

You've likely checked your personal FICO® credit score recently. Did you know there's a similar way to assess your organization's cyber security risk?

Tee It Up for the Troops Celebrates 15 Years and 500 Events

This year, alone, more than 60 TIUFTT events will take place. In the 15 years since that first event, more than $10,000,000.00 have been donated.

Future-Ready Solutions for STEM Learning

From classroom displays, projectors and workstation solutions, to distance learning communication systems and smartboards, FRG offers a wide variety of tech-forward solutions and top-notch installation and maintenance services that enable both school and work learning environments.

FRG Secures New GSA Schedule 70 Government Contract

We are proud to announce that FRG has secured a new GSA Schedule 70 contract to provide IT Products and Services to the U.S. Government.

Support Tee It Up For The Troops

As a veteran-owned small business, FRG proudly supports U.S. soldiers and their families. Our president, Ryan Heining, was a founding sponsor of Tee it Up for the Troops back in 2005.
Shure 600 MHz Wireless Rebate Image

Shure 600 MHz Wireless Rebate Ends October 31, 2018

If you own wireless products that operate in the 600 MHz Band, you may be able to purchase replacement Shure products and receive a rebate on your purchase.
AV System Cyber Security

Lessons to Learn for AV System Cyber Security

Data breaches at major corporations and retailers illuminate some key findings worth considering in any organization's cyber security plan.

Speed Matters in AV System Cyber Security

In securing the systems in your meeting/conference spaces, and across your organization, speed is of vital importance...learn why.

weframe One - Complete Meeting Collaboration Solution

weframe One is a complete collaboration device...multi-touch, 85", 4K note-taking canvas that connects participants via simple encrypted web interface.