Intro Does Your AV Network Security
Detect Both External & Internal Threats?
Intro Does Your AV Network Security
Monitor Cloud Connected Activity?
Intro 80% of Businesses Will Not Be Able
to Detect a Threat Before it is Too Late.
Intro 60% of Small Businesses Close
within Six Months of a Data Breach.
How Secure is Your AV Network?

Secure Your AV Network
with FRG DuoGuard™

AV System Cyber Security providing unrivaled detection and defense from both external and internal threats.

DuoGuard Hardware
Smart Barrier

Anticipates and learns to detect and defend against ever-changing cyber threats. Scalable and lightening fast to handle traffic across your network.

Made in the U.S.A.

DuoGuard Cloud Monitoring
& Reporting

Monitoring and dashboard access to network reports. Seamless, secure connectivity to ConnectWise and other service provider utility tools.

Protection from External and Internal Threats

DuoGuard™ hardware and software systems monitor both incoming data from external sources AND potential threats from internal activity – thwarting attacks and relaying detection data in realtime to your IT teams.

Protect Your AV Network and Beyond

DuoGuard™ security can be implemented in any connected environment.

Video Conferencing

Workplace video communications networks are an often-overlooked gateway for data breaches and eavesdropping.

Network Traffic

Hardwired and WiFi connections are monitored – including cloud service connections.


Internal threats from hacked USB or Disk drives are detected and thwarted.

Credit Card Processing

96% of data breaches target payment card data. DuoGuard™ can protect data across your organization.

Trusted by Thousands. 24/7.

FRG DuoGuard™ systems protect the data of small businesses and multi-million dollar enterprises.

Our solutions have even protected the networks of major sporting events like Super Bowl 50.


“We really appreciate your hard work. We have received great feedback. It wouldn’t be possible without FRG. We’re very glad to have you as a partner.”

– Andigo Credit Union

“The team at FRG never let us down. They bring an incredible level of knowledge to the table. There is no project that FRG is incapable of conquering. Their timelines, knowledge and skills are a tremendous asset to our company.”

– Burwood Group, B.S.

Put DuoGuard A.I. On Your Side

DuoGuard™ smart barrier and monitoring technologies are constantly updating threat profiles from our worldwide security network and listening in realtime for new threats.

Suspicious activity is identified, blocked and added to our threat database in milliseconds. Hackers’ access and spoofing tools are rendered useless before they even know it. Even attacks from simultaneous sources are blocked and added to our threat database.

.000012 Seconds

Cyber threats are thwarted with mind-blowing, hacker-foiling speed. Our systems provide packet level inspection of system activity with less than 12 millionths of a second latency.

BotNets, DDoS, Viruses, Ransomware, Trojans, APT’s, ZeroDay, SQL Injection, Spam, Exfiltration, Polymorphic Style Attacks…

Cyber threats are constantly evolving.
Your network security systems should, too.

24,501,336 Attack Events from 154 Countries.

DuoGuard systems are put to use in some of the world’s most demanding environments. During the seven days around SuperBowl 50 at Levi’s Stadium in San Francisco, DuoGuard technologies protected the networks and devices of hundreds of thousands of fans and operations personnel from more than 24 million attack events – all at 10 Gigs.

Protection & Compliance Across Industries

DuoGuard™ technologies provide sophisticated reporting tools that meet ISO, PCI, HIPAA, SOX and other compliance standards – ensuring business continuity across all industries that rely on network connectivity.

Healthcare Providers and Suppliers


Finance & Banking


Small & Large Organizations

Cloud Reliant Enterprise

Retail & Service Companies


DuoGuard™ solutions are a combination of scalable Hardware Barriers and Cloud Security Software.

Starting at $25/system

Schedule a demonstration and we can identify a solution that would work best for your organization.

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