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Defend Your Business Against Risk.

More than half of all breaches result from third-party vendors. It’s imperative to use a vendor risk management (VRM) tool to identify your vendors and determine their level of risk to your organization. SecurityStudio’s S2VENDOR –now available through FRG– is a SaaS tool that allows you to pinpoint the vendors that present the most risk to your organization.

Armed with a standardized, risk-based scoring methodology coupled with a built-in remediation plan, SecurityStudio® helps your vendors correct any security issues that arise in order to help protect their organization and yours.

How SecurityStudio® Works

How, exactly, does an organization assess their cyber security risk? Take the guesswork out of the equation and use the standardized methodology of SecurityStudio’s S2VENDOR module –which results in a measurable cyber security score.

Step One: Inventory

Every vendor that the organization does business with must be included in the third-party inventory to show due diligence.

Step Two: Classification

Capture the vendor’s scope of services and establish their level of inherent risk. Results in a low-, medium- or high-risk rating.

Step Three: Assessment

Medium- and high-risk vendors complete an S2ORG assessment resulting in a score from 300 to 850. Low-risk vendors are re-evaluated the following year.

Step Four: Treatment

Based on the score, accept, remediate or avoid the vendor. For those that need remediation, S2VENDOR renders an Action Plan with specific recommendations.

SecurityStudio® provides an intuitive interface that makes the process easy and organized –with a dashboard that provides progress and S2 Score data at-a-glance.

“…a very common sense approach to risk assessment. It uses a comprehensive methodology that produces a very thorough report. I’m very impressed with how easy it is to use yet so powerful.”

Chief Information Security Officer Midwest Professional Services Company



your vendor risk management program to ease the burden on your company and employees.


the process to easily locate all third-and fourth-party vendors and keep track of those that pose a risk to your company.


against any risk created by your vendors, and against lawyers, regulators and customers if a breach occurs.


  • Thoroughly analyzes the four security control types of every vendor.
  • Classifies vendors by impact level to your organization.
  • Enables Risk Managers to focus attention on high-risk vendors.
  • Actionable remediation plan for high-risk vendors.
  • Automatic reminders and emails keep everyone on track.
  • Intuitive dashboard quickly and easily shows you the areas that need your attention.


  • Simple and intuitive right out of the box.
  • Eliminates spreadsheets and other manual tasks of typical VRM processes.
  • Gets the right people doing the right job efficiently.
  • Built on the power of SecurityStudio S2 risk assessment technology.
  • Risk Managers can easily accept or reject vendors based on proven metrics.
  • Provides a common language for teams to discuss information security risk.

Vendor Risk Management

Competitive Landscape

cyber GRXPrevalentSAI GlobalBITSIGHTSecurity Scorecard
Industry relevant beyond vendor risk management (VRM)X
Assesses external technical controlsXXXXXX
Assesses internal technocal controlsX
Assesses administrative controlsXXXX
Assesses physical controlsX
Unified risk measurementXXX
Results shareableXXXXX
Reporting dashboard that gives insight into overall risk exposureXXX
Remediation portal to address risk and improve security postureX
Specifically designed to scale from small to large marketsXXX
Does not require customization to functionXXX
Does not require consultant intervention to work (3rd party assessments)XXX
Price Point$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

You Can’t Afford Not to Try It.

Right now FRG is offering Free S2VENDOR Assessments.

Using the Assess Your Vendor module of SecurityStudio –available through FRG– your organization can:

  • Simplify your vendor risk management program
  • Identify your weakest links
  • Standardize the process for year-after-year efficiencies
  • Defend against risk created by your vendors
  • Reduce costs on your cybersecurity insurance

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