Extron ShareLink 200 – Simplify Content Sharing During Meetings

If your organization is like many, your employees are reliant upon a cable to share presentations from their PC during a meeting. More than likely, they are faced with a mix of tangled cables in the middle of the conference room table. These cables may or may not be compatible with their new laptop, the cable may be damaged from wear and tear or maybe your employee or guest need to share a presentation from their tablet. Meeting productivity comes to a halt. Awkward!

We have a solution. The Extron ShareLink 200 Wireless Collaboration Gateway enables anyone to present content from a laptop, smartphone, or tablet on a display, transforming any meeting room into a collaboration space. ShareLink™ technology supports simultaneous display of slides, documents, graphs, and photos from up to four devices at a time without the need for a single cable. It is compatible with Windows® and OS X® computers as well as Apple® and Android® smartphones and tablets.

Other features that make this a worthy solution include:

  • ShareLink 200 is available in two models: the ShareLink 200 wireless model which includes an integrated wireless access point – WAP to create a stand-alone wireless collaboration and presentation system. The ShareLink 200 N network-version does not include a WAP and works in concert with your company’s wireless network. The professional capabilities of the ShareLink 200 wireless and network-only models provide easy integration of mobile devices into meeting and huddle rooms, interactive collaborative spaces, and larger presentation environments.
  • For large meeting rooms or when overflow rooms are required for larger meetings, this solution allows a Windows or OS X computer to send content to multiple ShareLink 200 units on the network, supporting up to four displays.
  • For users that want to share content from their tablet or smartphone, Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud, and OneDrive integration within the MirrorOp®for Extron ShareLink™ app provides easy access to content stored in the cloud.
  • For those users that share full motion video during meetings, ShareLink 200 supports 30fps providing outstanding resolution and smooth motion handling when sharing videos.
  • When multiple people are sharing content, Moderator mode ensure that only approved content is displayed and where it is positioned on the display or screen.
  • WebShare™ technology enables attendees to view slide images on personal devices via a Web browser, ensuring visibility regardless of sight lines

For more information, please engage us for the details at sales@frg.solution or by contacting your FRG Business Development Manager.