Solution Spotlight: Polycom Eagle Eye Producer

Polycom-EagleEye-ProducerPolycom’s EagleEye Producer changes the face of video collaboration through automatic, intimate framing of meeting participants. Utilizing the latest in facial recognition, the system continually views the room and seamlessly commands the movable camera appropriately frame the users with subtle pan, tilt, zoom (PTZ) technology. This intelligent method of camera tracking and framing greatly improves the user experience and solves the common problem of wide angle shots that fail to immerse the participants, showing true expressions and understanding.

The power of EagleEye Producer doesn’t stop at the conference room door. With EagleEye Producer, IT administrators can download powerful analytics that can be used to measure the return on investment of video collaboration. During each session, the system will produce data showing the number of participants at the beginning, middle, and end of the call. This information can be used in video usage and physical real estate planning, ensuring that each video room investment is utilized to its full potential. For example, reports generated stating that 10,000 hours of video collaboration took place with 1,700 people, or an average of six people per conference. Furthermore, IT professionals can monitor room usage to ensure that automated conferences are being attended and not running in empty rooms.

Benefits to You

  • Automated camera operation improves the meeting experience without the need for user interaction
  • Powerful analytics provide a level of visibility into the video room usage like never before
  • Interoperability with current investments in room systems and cameras can easily be upgraded in minutes
  • Expanding innovation to huddle to medium-sized rooms empowers the entire organization
  • Consistent camera pointing technologies improve usability with no training required